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Best Old-School Liquor Store Phoenix 2009 - Tops Liquor

Tops Liquor

Tops Liquor

403 W. University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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We love a wide selection — particularly when it's of booze — but the last time we called one of those liquor mega-stores, looking for a particular brand, the guy on the phone sneered, "Look on our Web site," and practically hung up. We'd like our vodka tonic with a twist of customer service, please, so we vowed to stick with an old favorite — Tops. No, the place doesn't gleam, and we don't see coupons for it in the Sunday paper, but the last time we walked into Tops, a sweet young guy with onion on his breath put down his submarine sandwich and took the time to walk us to the vodka aisle and recommend his new favorite. He even searched the shelves 'til he found it and put it in our hands. Our friend was delighted with the gift of potato vodka, and we decided then and there that superstores just aren't all they're cracked up to be. For us, Tops is, well, tops.

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I love Tops as well, it's awesome. But I also work at BevMo and while I can't vouch for everyone that works for BevMo, I will say that anytime a customer calls or comes in asking if we have something I will do everything I can to find out if we have it. I'll look in the store's computer inventory and check the shelves for it, and the back room, just in case. I guess it all depends on who is working in a store that day. But go Tops!


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