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Best Place for Rockabilly Shows Phoenix 2009 - The Blooze Bar

The Blooze Bar

The Blooze Bar

12014 N. 32nd St.

Phoenix, AZ 85028


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Every Thursday, The Blooze Bar dusts off its blue suede shoes and greases its gears for "Rockabilly Night," a roof-raising weekly that features some of the Valley's best rockabilly bands, including The High Rollers, The Jump Back Brothers, The Toomstoners, The Rhythm Dragons, and Voodoo Swing. National acts light up the stage, too, with performers like Johnny Falstaff coming from Texas and The Booze Bombs coming from as far away as Germany. Pabst Blue Ribbons are only $1.75 on Rockabilly Night, and the presence of numerous Valley car clubs — with their retro rods and custom classics, enjoying the perk of "VIP Hot Rod Parking" — adds to the ambiance.

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Not sure who does the voting here but I have been to the blooze bar for rockabilly night and the place sucks. it is full of drugs and undercover cops. the parking lot may as well have the phoenix pd logo painted in it because the parking lot at the blooze bar always has cops just waiting to pull over rockabillys who just slammed down a few pbr's. the bands at the blooze bar are 50/50 someitmes good and sometimes horrible but it is definitley not worth the risk with all the undercovers trying to score dope form you or the phoenix pd cruisers that can always be found in the parking lot. i wouldnt go to this place again even if they offered to pay my tab and a get out of jail free card. rumor has it the owner who is some big fat homo is also an undercover cop who has even called the cops on his own patrons to get them pulled over when leaving the blooze bar. this place is exodus