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Best Place to Buy a Comic Book Phoenix 2009 - Ash Ave. Comics

Ash Ave. Comics

Ash Ave. Comics

806 S. Ash Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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We're not sure there's a reason to leave the corner of Ash and University. There, you have access to great coffee, pizza, piercings, Casey Moore's, and one incredible comic shop: Ash Ave. Comics. If single issues or superheroes are your thing, look no further. Ash Ave. has enough plastic-sleeved action comics to justify your overflowing collection as a "financial investment." If you're looking for something in particular, talk to Ash Ave. and it'll order it for you faster than you can ask whether the Flash is faster than Superman.

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Joe Jabroni
Joe Jabroni

Really? I think these rewards need to backed up with justification, namely WHY this place sticks out compared to AT LEAST 2 alternate options! Greg's Comics in Mesa has more back issues ESPECIALLY silver age and the prices are hard to beat. Then there's Pop Culture Paradise which is 2 blocks from Ash Avenue and they have a bigger star & bigger variety of items although one could argue Ash Ave. has a better selection of new release comics.

Still, if your going to give out an award tell us WHY! For all we know New Times never even stepped into the competition's store!