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Best Place to Catch a House Show Phoenix 2009 - The Tribe House

The Tribe House

The Tribe House

2238 N. 24th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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The rarity of live-music shows taking place in Valley homes isn't so much about a lack of interest as it is a by-product of our desert ecology. You see, the impenetrable Sonoran Desert prevents many dwellings from boasting a basement, so noise from amplified bands tends to leak into neighbors' bedrooms and, we imagine, peeve the neighborhood. That's why The Tribe House is so special: There's a friggin' basement, which showcases a wide range of hip-hop, singer-songwriters, noise ensembles, and local grindcore. Though the home's forever-rotating core of residents books some talented groups, they aren't too on-the-ball with publicizing the last-minute, donation-based concerts, so check area coffee shops for fliers or MySpace/Facebook for event postings.

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I play bass in a band called The Like. we really really want to play a show at the tribe house. how do i get in touch with somebody so that this can happen?