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Best Place to Dance Your Ass Off Phoenix 2009 - Express Mie Studio

Express Mie Studio

Express Mie Studio

6448 S. McClintock Drive

Tempe, AZ 85283


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Ever hear yourself say, "I can dance and sweat all night but can't jog for 15 seconds. What's up with that?" This new dance fitness studio for women, tucked behind Trader Joe's in the Tempe Square shopping center, makes that question moot. Now you can have your dance party and burn fat, too. The folks who created this playground for ladies hit all the right notes with class names like "Yoga Booty Ballet," "I-Danced-All-Night Club Moves," "Burlesque Beauty," and "Tutu For You." From a beautiful lounge to the custom fortune cookie each participant receives after class, the entire space feels like a spa. These smart folks clearly want participants to form bonds, have fun, and feel pampered, so the workout seems almost secondary.

Express Mie also rocks the pole-dancing scene with a multiple-pole studio designed just for that "ladies sport" and a smaller intimate studio to host private parties, complete with poles, dress-up clothes, boas and a house-labeled wine. We can't wait to gather up some gal pals, step into some six-inch platforms, enjoy some liquid courage, and wrap ourselves around a pole — giggling like a schoolgirl and burning some calories in the process.

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The classes here are a TON of fun and everyone is really nice. I hate to exercise, but this place got me into it for the first time. They have a lot of great workshops and cute stuff in their boutique too.


This place is such a gem, so unique! A friend told me about it and I have never had so much fun in a class before, a nice change from my usual workouts. A must try!