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Best Place to Go After Hiking Piestewa Peak Phoenix 2009 - Aunt Chilada's

Aunt Chilada\'s

Aunt Chilada's

7330 N. Dreamy Draw Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85020


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The Dreamy Draw is a lovely place, but it's not named for its oasis-like beauty. It earned the designation back in Phoenix's Territorial days, when workers from the Rio Mercury Mine near Squaw Peak would wander the area in a daze, high on mercury fumes, after their shifts.

You'll see that same thousand-yard stare on dust-covered folks who wander into this storied restaurant/watering hole on the Draw, but today's victims are just a little pooped out from hiking the Peak, which is now, of course, called Piestewa.

And there's nothing like two or three original hand-tossed margaritas and some fresh fish tacos on the foliage-choked patio at Aunt Chilada's (which sits on the original site of the general store that served the Rio Mine) to snap a poor hiker back to reality.

Those who trek on weekend mornings can look forward to the special brunch menu, which includes a gurgling chocolate fountain. Yum.

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Tom Foolry
Tom Foolry

Hahaha, that's funny that it got it's name because workers were high on mercury, I bet visitors get a kick out of that! Mmm, a chocolate fountain? I might just have to plan a hike down there just so I can stay here.