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Best Place to Go After Hiking South Mountain Phoenix 2009 - Los Dos Molinos

Los Dos Molinos

Los Dos Molinos

8646 S. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85042


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As with so many things, proximity's often a key for hikers looking to arrange a post-trek meet-up. For most, a redneck bar or a convenience store'll do the trick if it's the nearest place to score a frosty brew.

So while it doesn't hurt that this historic New Mexican-style restaurant is the closest dining-and-drinking establishment to the South Mountain Park exit, we'd slog through several miles more of hell and jumping cholla cactus to score one of the restaurant's "Kick-@ss" Margaritas and a plate of green chili enchiladas.

In fact, hiking, shmiking. Let's get right to those maggies.

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