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Best Reason to Shop in a Down Economy Phoenix 2009 - Bag Dayz at Rowdy Boutique

Bag Dayz at Rowdy Boutique

Bag Dayz at Rowdy Boutique

4717 N. 7th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85014

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We just assumed, based on the chic little cocktail dresses in the window of this two-year-old central Phoenix clothing shop, that Rowdy Boutique would be a bit too chi-chi for our tastes. Thank God for second impressions: A friend told us about Bag Dayz, and we've been regulars ever since. Buy something at Rowdy, and you'll get a free canvas tote — and that tote will serve as your entrée to once-monthly Bag Dayz, where not only are the sales to die for, but you get a free accessory (one month it was super-cute gardening gloves!) to boot. Free stuff? What could possibly be a better reason to shop?

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