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Best Selection of Cheeky Greeting Cards Phoenix 2009 - Unique On Central - CLOSED

Unique On Central

Unique On Central

4700 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85012


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Though most of Unique On Central's merchandise caters to the gay and lesbian community (rainbow jewelry, spandex swimwear, gay erotica), the store's greeting card selection is a hoot for heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. Owner Doug Klinge says that people constantly come in and giggle over the silly greeting cards. There are several racks and stands containing things like birthday cards with a photo of a woman stuffing her face with cake, while another woman tells her, "You shall not purge until you eat it all!" and graduation cards featuring wrinkled, stern-looking nuns warning recent grads not to party too much, lest they get the ruler. And if you need a cheeky gift to go with your smarmy card, Unique On Central also offers a variety of gag gifts (literal gags and otherwise).

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Helmet Veshdon
Helmet Veshdon

I am so glad that Unique on Central had rainbow jewelry for sale. Now I'm gonna look good for halloween.