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Best Skateboard Shop Phoenix 2009 - Cowtown Skateboards

Cowtown Skateboards

5024 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85012


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When it's time to hit the decks, there's no doubt that Cowtown is the only choice for us. There's just something about walking into the store that makes our heart race a little faster. While it could be the constant stream of the newest skateboarding videos showcasing the latest in Skate-or-Die prowess on their big-screen television, we think it might really be Cowtown's full understanding of skateboarding as a sport and a lifestyle, not just a phase in someone's life. They're just as dedicated to pumping up local brands like AZPX, Deville, and Mob Action as they are to sneaking info about the latest Nike SB drops to their VIPs. When it's time to rock gear for some concrete and asphalt exploration, Cowtown has your back from top to bottom.

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Don't buy Nike sneakers if you want to return or exchange them.. I've bought many from them. I went this week and bought 2 pairs of Nike SB's that were already over retail price as it is.. I tried on one side then bought them... When I got home I realized that one of the shoes were damaged.. It's only been 2 days and they said they can't take it back.. I've bought many shoes there and this will be the last time... I'm from Nor Cal and people are crazy about sneakers out there and all the shops will accept a return or exchanged within 14- 30 days.. This was the first place that does not do that.. Why? Because sneakers and SB's are not big in AZ... They don't sell here.. I wouldn't buy them there if I were you.