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Best Sports Bar, Mesa Phoenix 2009 - Diamond's Sports Grille

Diamond\'s Sports Grille

Diamond's Sports Grille

161 N. Centennial Way

Mesa, AZ 85201


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We know what you're thinking: How could we not name Sluggo's the best Mesa sports bar? Well, we are (sorta) because the legendary Sluggo's is now Diamond's Sports Grille. The bar was opened by former Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray and his partner in the booth, Steve Stone, and it's gone through a few names en route to its current one. The ties to the Cubs, who are immortalized in murals on the walls of this bar near the Cubs' spring training site north of downtown Mesa, are still strong, though. We hope they get a less generic name paying tribute to the spot's history — "Holy Cow's," maybe, or "Something Funny Will Farrell Said in That SNL Sketch" — but even if it that never happens, Diamond's is still the best sports bar in Mesa.

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i gotta be honest and i have been to sluggos a few times, its was a bar, they sold me drinks, but i didnt think it was so distinguishable to still be the best bar of mesa. i really thought i would see something different for best of the best in mesa. we went to the old spirits when it was in gilbert and we go to the new one in mesa that has been there for at least 5-6 yrs. i really thought with as much as they have changed they would have been listed for best of the best. it has an everyones crowd appeal now. not just country or bikers, in fact i havent really seen either if those 2 crowds in a while, which is what they were known for i guess. i like dancing and i like to play pool, beer pong, golfle ball, ect. all those non thinking games and on top of it have a decent patio to smoke on. sorry i just really was disappointed. no offense to sluggos. the staff is super nice there!