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Best Vintage Stove Repair Phoenix 2009 - 805 Stoveworks

We were feeling so smug about the cool 1940s Kenmore gas range we bought from a neighbor. All gleaming white enamel and chrome, it screamed to us from across the street to take it home and bake something in it. We did — or tried to. We knew, once we quieted the shrill shriek of the carbon monoxide alarm, that our only hope was to call the nice folks at 805 Stoveworks. We'd heard for years about how they could fix any antique appliance used for cooking, and we discovered this to be more than true once a pair of Stoveworks workers arrived at our home with their notepads and their little box of, well, whatever those stove-repair things were. They measured some parts of our range and looked into and under other parts of it, then went away. A week later, they returned with dead-mint replacement parts and shiny bits of chrome and Bakelite and, after adding these and making some adjustments under the hood, so to speak, they left us with a brand-new old-timey stove that cooks everything, without setting off any smoke alarms. This appointment-only service (it doesn't have a physical location) is the only game in town when it comes to vintage stove and oven repair, offering everything from cosmetic to internal fix-ups on cookers from the turn of the last century to the present. When it comes to vintage stove repair, these guys know what's cooking.

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Stephen Greymond
Stephen Greymond

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Surrey Appliance Repair

Daniel Ford
Daniel Ford

Home appliances from stoves to hot water heaters malfunction from time to time, causing us to lose energy and money. That's why it's important to get a professional North Vancouver Appliance Repair expert on the job immediately when you notice a problem.


805 Stoveworks became RTE66 Stoveworks & relocated to Seligman, Az. Now they are in danger of being put out of business before they can rebuild. After the long and difficult relocation the housing & market colapsed. When that happened the Hunters(stoveworks) lost everything. House & building (workshop & store). They found a new location zoned C2 but there were no buildings for the stoves. Temporarily they had to be outside. Since they got this new location they've been fighting with the county(Yavapai). It seems they are not allowed to have anything outside. They were intending to save & get a permit to put up an adequet building for a workshop & storage. They had no intent to leave things in the yard. Now the county is taking them to court on July 13th. They went to the Justice court to see if they could get a PD to help them legally and were denied. Is there anyone out there that could help. Hardtimes have really hit & they don't have enough for a lawyer or a big fine. The fine could in excess of $5000.00. Thank you


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