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Best Way to Get a Quick-and-Easy Demo Phoenix 2009 - Ray Reeves

We know. Your band rules, but: a) you can't afford studio time; and b) no way can a clinical recording environment capture the energy and general awesomeness of your live performances. Well, guess what? There's a local drummer and professional audio engineer by the name of Ray Reeves who goes around to local music venues and documents live sets using high-grade audio recording equipment. Not only does he offer the unmastered results for a pretty affordable price, but he'll also clean up the soon-to-be platinum recording for a few extra dollars. So hit him up for his services and be that much closer to a major label deal.

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walden crapps
walden crapps

...because a major label "deal" is the reason we make music.

misconception #548 published by the new times. way to go!


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