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Best Actress Phoenix 2010 - Katie McFadzen

No one quite knows what Phoenix did to deserve her, but there she is, playing everything from kids to birds, in any number of plays and musicals. Katie McFadzen has been cooking with gas on local stages for what seems like decades but may be only, like, 15 years. Her turn as a butch debutante in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress got our attention in 1996, and people are still talking two years later about her Viola Swamp in Miss Nelson is Missing! at Childsplay, where she's been an Associate Artist (read: acting ensemble member) for a very long time. Audiences loved Katie even before she wowed them as Mayzie LaBird in Seussical, and they're still recovering from her cool comic turn as a Mexican hoochie-mama in Teatro Bravo!'s Little Queen last year. ¡Y guy!
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Mary Spangenberg
Mary Spangenberg

We love Katie too. Wise choice! My students don't even know I exist when Katie is in the house! LOL! Great job and congratulations to Katie and all of Childsplay. (Some of my favorite all time people)

monkey boy
monkey boy

eggselent!!ooooh,ooooh,ooooh. we all knew you could do it!hoochie mama,keep on swingin from tree to tree!!!!