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Best After-Hours Phoenix 2010 - The Quincy - CLOSED

The Quincy

1321 E. McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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Word from the wise: It'd be a shrewd move to become a fan of The Quincy on Facebook or to start following the underground venue's tweets. That's the only way to find when the next over-the-top after-hours affair is happening at The "Q." Hidden in a ramshackle strip mall down the street from Rainbow Donuts, it functions as the studio and gallery of funky photographer Quincy Ross. But it transforms into a secretive seraglio of sinful fun on weekend nights, most of which don't even get going until after midnight. But if you're eager to attend the next big bash, be warned: Getting inside typically involves traipsing down a pitch-black alley leading to the back door. Better download that flashlight app for your iPhone.
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Watch out, Leatherman's going to be busting this party soon like he did with Tedibertos private party scene.


The Quincy is straight "win" incarnate.

I saw Jeremy Ellis get wild on his MPCs here...and my mind was consistently blown until roughly 5AM.

It's worth the rape-walk down the alley.