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Best Beer Festival Phoenix 2010 - Arizona Strong Beer Festival

If Arizona Strong Beer Festival 2010 had had to compete against Arizona Strong Beer Festival 2009 in this category, it surely would have lost. Though the move from Mesa Amphitheatre to a downtown Phoenix park within walking distance of the light rail was a win with some local beer fans, the smaller selection of brewers and a ridiculous vending situation (one truck selling sandwiches and tacos to thousands of tasters) at the 2010 fest didn't impress us. Luckily, however, the Strong Beer fest doesn't have to compete against previous incarnations of itself. It's still, by far, the best beer fest in the state. It's not just the fact that almost everything poured at the event is special — though the requirement that everything be 8 percent alcohol or above almost totally assures that — it's the fact that the strong suds forge lasting bonds among Phoenix's beer snobs. Year after year, you can count on seeing the same pretzel necklace-wearing diehards testing their mettle at this festival, hugging us and everyone else they sorta remember from years past. It's the only beer festival we'd recommend training for — you should drink at least three beers a night for a week leading up to the event if you hope to stumble out without memory loss — and the only annual Arizona beer festival you absolutely cannot miss.
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jimmy dynamite
jimmy dynamite

also remember Mr article writer that The all Powerful and down right useless City Health inspector came along to take temperature of hot dogs which stopped service for an hour and more.. oh then the dogs were to cold to serve by then. The food system was left exposed for a disaster and it happened. Murphy's law right.. Thanks MCHD.. you suck again!!!

Jerry Gantt
Jerry Gantt

The food situation is being fixed for the 2011 event at Steele Indian School Park. Although the festival features strong beers, it also offers a wide variety of lower alcohol beer types and styles for tasting. Responsible tasting is always encouraged.

Jerry GanttExecutive DirectorArizona Craft Brewers Guild