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Best Butter Phoenix 2010 - Creative Butters

It is hard to imagine making butter any better, but Jennifer VanInwengen has managed to whip up several flavored varieties that raise the bar on the decadent creamy goodness our grandmothers swore by. Her compound butters aren't just for your morning toast (though we love the honey cinnamon butter on a crispy waffle); they can also be your secret shortcut to seasoning success. Spread the sun-dried tomato butter on your favorite crusty bread and sprinkle with a little Parmesan for instant bruschetta. Or sink your teeth into a steak slathered with the garlic herb butter. Whichever way, we can't think of a better way to butter up your fare.
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Holly Hunt
Holly Hunt

I have had the pleasure of tasting most of Jen's fabulous butters and they are amazing...they make any dish delish! My personal favOrange Pecan...on whole wheat pancakes. Get yours at Lucy's Healthy Market Place 16th & Bathany Home Phoenix