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Best Car Wash Phoenix 2010 - Los Olivos Car Wash

Los Olivos Car Wash

Los Olivos Car Wash

232 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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How many times have you driven away from the car wash, only to notice after a few blocks that crumbs are still clinging to your console, and that your windows are all streaky? Look, in this economy, we really all should be washing our own damn cars, so if we're going to splurge on a wash, we expect the royal treatment. That's what we get, every time, at Los Olivos. Never, ever, do we drive away disappointed. The staff is courteous and hard-working, they listen to our silly special requests — like, "Please don't make my car smell like perfume!" or "Can you reach all the French fries the kids spilled in the way-back?" And on the few occasions we've really gone hog wild and paid for a detailing, we could have sworn we were driving off in a brand-new car. Not bad for an investment under $100. Los Olivos, you sure clean up nice.
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