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Best Chocolate Phoenix 2010 - ib2 Chocolates - CLOSED

ib2 Chocolates

2327 N. Seventh St.

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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When eaten, chocolate causes the brain to amp up endorphin secretions similar to those released when you have sex. That's the fancy, scientific way of saying it makes you tingle all over. Engineer turned chocolatier Sam Filicetti, a.k.a. Sam the Chocolate Guy, definitely makes us tingle with his ib2 chocolates, featuring sensual spices in the tradition of the ancient Mayans. Filicetti has an almost spiritual connection with his newfound career, describing in detail to anyone who'll listen about the painstaking process of getting melted chocolate to do his bidding. His confections include relaxing lavender-infused chocolates and an espresso variety made with Lux coffee beans, but our favorite is an anti-depressant variety that combines rich, 54 percent cocoa solids with spicy chiles that also raise endorphin levels. Serve that to your partner, along with wine in one of ib2's chocolate cups, and you'll be in for one sweet night.
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Sam's chocolates are available on Saturdays at Vincent's Market at 3930 E. Camelback Road. I just picked up his "antidepressant" chocolate last Saturday because I Love spicy chocolate. (he provides samples) This chocolate is smooth, high quality and the after burn is heavenly. A mild nutty flavor with a burn on the finish is a fabulous companion after a meal with a glass of your favorite red wine. I will be back to purchase more not just for myself but as hostess gifts for the future.