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Best Coffee House, Scottsdale Phoenix 2010 - Sola Coffee Bar - CLOSED

Sola Coffee Bar

Sola Coffee Bar

7124 E. 5th Ave.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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We'd heard so much hype about Sola Coffee Bar that we didn't want to go. There was no way the place could live up to expectations. But it did. Simple and spare, serving our favorite Cartel coffee and spinning the Black Keys (literally — on vinyl) this is one groovy coffee house. There's organic agave nectar on the counter next to the milk and sugar, but the vibe is decidedly laid-back — our sweet barista gave us tea leaves to sniff 'til we'd found just the right one that made the perfect peach iced tea for an impossibly hot day. Even considering the weather, we couldn't help leaving Sola feeling just a little bit cooler.
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Best coffee shop ever! Also, they donate a lot of their proceeds (maybe all??) to local charities! Awesome vibe and delicious coffee. Try the agave latte if you get the chance. :)


I LOVE Sola Coffee Bar! Great food, people, and atmosphere!