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Best Coffee House to Run Into Local Actors Phoenix 2010 - Urban Beans

Urban Beans

Urban Beans

3508 N. 7th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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We saw Katie McFadzen there once, staring into her latte. Another time, it was Rusty Ferracane, eyeing a tray of bagels. And then we spotted Sean P. Donnelly at the pastry case, and we knew: Urban Beans is the Phoenix equivalent of Sardi's, where actorly types quietly commingle and we, the lowly laypeople, are expected not to stare at them.Fortunately, there's plenty to distract us at this, one of our town's newer coffee houses. We love the Joyous Almond Smash, an iced coffee drink like no other, and the wheat-free snickerdoodles, which vie for our attention with the cranberry scones and the pretty palmiers. We keep hoping, if we go there often enough, we'll one day spy Jon Gentry eating a baklava. We can dream.
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great spot to socialize, they are supporters of the arts!if you haven't gone, goif you have been already, then go back!!!!