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Best Country Radio Personality Phoenix 2010 - Barrel Boy, KNIX 102.5 FM

Sure, Barrel Boy is an almost offensively pathetic Hee-Haw-style caricature of country music fans. Sure, the chubby, barrel-clad protagonist's Howard Stern-style antics are annoying and maybe irresponsible (like the time he got tasered by KNIX jock Mark Wills then gave a speech about how awesome and useful Tasers are, despite the serious concerns some people have about the devices, which have reportedly killed people). What do we like about Barrel Boy? He goes for it. In this terrible economy and his dying industry, he's willing to humiliate himself for a small measure of fame and, we're guessing, an even smaller financial gain. Hell, he's barely on the actual station. But ya know what? He's going for it. He's living the dream. As the station's well-paid, pretty-boy morning men get all the fading glory of the radio biz, this lowly mercenary is doing what he can to keep everyone at the station employed with less degrading work. So, let's all give a 10-gallon hat's off to Barrel Boy. We just wish we had our own version.
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Barrel Boy Fan
Barrel Boy Fan

Man do I love Barrel Boy and so happy to see him receive this award however, Im not sure whether your editorial is "congratulatory" or a "kick in the balls!" By the way Mark Wills was never an on-air talent but an artist. You might want to get your shit straight before you go slinging it!



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