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Best Country Radio Station Phoenix 2010 - KSWG 96.3 FM

Phoenix's twin powers of KMLE and KNIX both do a great job spinning the latest out of Nashville, but we prefer this underdog licensed out of Wickenburg but available across the Valley. We get plenty of Montgomery Gentry and Trace Adkins from them, but we also get a little more old-school Garth and Willie than on the more commercial country stations. KSWG claims to be "real country," and though it's not as pure about the classics as, say, Yuma's totally badass Outlaw KCYK 1400 AM (which you can get on the outskirts of the Valley), it's a little more expansive than the big boys. Until Phoenix gets a true classic country station, this is a great place to tune in for the occasional hit from Hank or the Hag.
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Paula Gorbutt
Paula Gorbutt

Truely the best of the oldies for country is bar none, 96.3 KSWG pure country. You can really get into the zone with this one, you cant help but put a smile on your face listening to some of the greats and the originals in the industry. Who doesn't love, Waylon, Willie and the boys, and hearing Johnny Cash sing a boy named Sue, or Tom T. Hall sing Kiss an Angel good morning. It really gives you a trip down memory lane, finally a station for our old greats in Country.