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Best Face Painting Phoenix 2010 - Anna Banana Face Painting

If you want your mug painted by a bona fide artisan, you'd be wise to seek out the services of Anna Ramsey. Whether it's a house party, concert, hoedown, or kid's birthday party, the local artist/musician will doll up your mug free of charge (though she'll accept tips and donations). Ramsey, born and raised in El Paso, Texas, learned her face painting skills in Flagstaff, where she honed her craft at events like the county fair. Since moving to the Valley, Ramsey has painted all sorts of designs — ranging from minimalist shapes to a complete face-full of color — for folks hanging out at Conspire as well as partygoers at Scottsdale's The Rogue Bar and Angels & Outlaws.
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Saidul Hoque
Saidul Hoque

I have heard about the service of Anna Ramsey. I think i will meet with her for my mug painting in this christmas. Horse Painting


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