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Best Fast Food Phoenix 2010 - Maui Dog - CLOSED

Maui Dog

Maui Dog

3538 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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Crazy, island-style hot dogs and bratwurst served out of a funky surfer shack on Indian School Road have become our latest obsession. And although Maui Dog is just a humble little indie eatery, we wish we could find this on every street corner in town. What makes it so darn tasty? It's hard to explain how savory, juicy wieners go so well with garlicky, seasoned mayo, tropical fruit relish, passion fruit-flavored mustard, and other fresh toppings, but the idea just works. Just as good are the Maui Sliders (also adorned with intriguing toppings), the Maui Spam Slider (they'd have no island cred if they neglected the prized canned meat), and Hawaiian shaved ice in a rainbow of tropical fruit flavors. You can get in and out of Maui Dog in a flash, well fed, and with hardly a dent in your wallet. That's fast food we can embrace.
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So, why aren't there any Maui dogs in Maui?! It would be so cool if we had great hot dogs here and I always have felt a shop like the one you have in Phoenix would be a big hit in Lahaina.

David LoPresti
David LoPresti

It is hard enough to find seating during lunch, you guys are just going to make it worse!

By the way, the Island Dog is delicious. who knew coconut and pineapple were meant for a brat?