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Best Fish 'n' Chips Phoenix 2010 - Rúla Búla

Rúla Búla

Rúla Búla

401 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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This laid-back, classy Irish pub is one of our favorite drinking destinations, but we've learned the hard way not to show up without an appetite. Why? Because even though a Guinness is a meal in a glass, it can't compare to a plate of Rúla Búla's fabulous fish 'n' chips. We can't watch someone else devour this pub classic without some serious food envy. We have to have it. So nowadays, we just plan on making a night out of it so we can get our fill of thick cod fillets dipped in beer batter and fried until crispy, golden, and light. Can fish be juicy? Amazingly, it can when it gets this rock star treatment. Teamed with homemade tartar sauce and chips that are crisp but still fluffy and potatoey inside, this amounts to some of the finest comfort food around.
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Sandy Moriarty
Sandy Moriarty

Let me know when someone is serving fish & chips made with halibut. I love cod too, but you can't beat halibut, it's the real deal in the Northwest, where I was born & raised.