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Best Foie Gras Phoenix 2010 - Christopher's



2502 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Truffle-infused filet mignon, steamed mussels with Spanish chorizo, and seductive duck confit are just a few of the appealing creations that chef Christopher Gross and his kitchen team crank out night after night at this sleek, stylish Biltmore eatery, but there's one thing worthy of special props: the sous vide roasted foie gras. Rich, impossibly luscious "meat butter" is always on the menu here, even though protesters routinely picket the place. Yep, Christopher's is a perennial target, but that only makes us love this foie even more.
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sorry, protest all you like, I love Foie Gras and always will. As long as its served, I'll pay for it.


Seriously? I can't believe people still eat foie gras. It's 2011, the grossly inhumane treatment of farm animals SHOULD be left behind with boiling witches in oil and amputation without anesthesia. People detest seeing dogs being butchered & eaten or bears caged for bile - foie gras is EXACTLY the same type of barbarism. Enjoying without conscience is the ultimate evil.