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Best Hip-Hop Radio Station Phoenix 2010 - The Beat 92.7 FM and 99.3 FM

Urban oldies? It seemed like sort of a weird idea when The Beat — a quadrocast station made up of KNRJ 101.1 FM, K224CJ 92.7 FM, K257CD 99.3 FM, and K228XO 93.5 FM — started bumping old-school R&B and hip-hop in late 2008. Then an L.A. station picked up the format, making the Phoenix-bred format less of a novelty. There are a few solid stations for hip-hop in town, but we really like the unique playlist on The Beat, built around hits from the golden age of rap and featuring such artists as Pac, Biggie, Dre, and Snoop. And, sure, we like a little Warren Hill, some Fresh Prince, and a little R. Kelly in there, too. The jocks are nothing special and the low wattage of the signal is annoying, but The Beat is good-time music and always manages to make us smile as we flip by for a few seconds on a long commute.
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Rose Valencia Sanchez
Rose Valencia Sanchez

What is this commentary supposed to be? Who wrote this? Do you know anything about any of the "jocks" how long they have been on air, what they do in the community or how much of a following they actually have. If, you are going to give a "KUDOS" to someone, something....then do it right. Don't do it as an underhanded jab at music you obviously know little to nothing about. Oh, and who is "Warren Hill" can you shed some light on that one? We are all waiting.......