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Best Home Show Phoenix 2010 - Maricopa County Home Shows

So what if it's essentially an advertisement for the hundreds of local and national companies that gather to show off their wares and designs. We've always gotten a kick out of the salespeople trying to outdo each other's exhibits, displays, seminars, demonstrations, and contests. The Home Shows happen several times a year around the Valley, but we are partial to the one at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, 19th Avenue and McDowell, because everyone seems, well, at home there. The how-to seminars usually are winners. We even learned a lot about how to get the clutter out of our homes and offices (not that we've put it into practice). Now, if we only had the coin to buy any of that newfangled home-improvement stuff that we surely can't live without another second.
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Rene' Smith
Rene' Smith

Thanks New Times! We love you too! Please let your readers know they can get discount tickets at the Maricopa County Home Shows website, so they can see first hand what you are referring to!