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Best Japanese Market Phoenix 2010 - New Tokyo Food Market

New Tokyo Food Market

New Tokyo Food Market

3435 W. Northern Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85051


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If you're looking for panko to bread your tonkatsu or masago to top your sashimi, you'll find it at New Tokyo. This mom-and-pop Japanese market has a wide selection of goods from household wares to wasabi paste.New Tokyo has storefront parking, chilled drinks, and munchies to grab on the go — all the features of a convenience store — but it surpasses expectations. Indeed, the inviting storefront is jam-packed with just about anything you need to prepare traditional Japanese cuisine. Cookbooks to get you started? Check. Udon noodles? Frozen fish? Sauces? All there. Dinnerware on which to serve your homemade Japanese meal? They have that, too.Serving the Valley for more than two decades, the store boasts a friendly staff that will gladly help you navigate the rows of neatly lined products and translate the Japanese packaging on grocery items.This shop also rents Japanese movies on DVD, but don't look for English subtitles on these popular Asian films.
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