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Best Knife Shop Phoenix 2010 - Phoenix Knife House

Phoenix Knife House

Phoenix Knife House

4837 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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Phoenix Knife House is a candy store for culinary professionals and wanna-be Iron Chefs. Owned by former chef Eytan Zias, who did stints at Kai and Circa 1900, the small shop is lined with knives in all shapes and sizes from the smallest paring blade to Santoku knives and cleavers. Zias treats each knife like a precious diamond, pulling selections from under glass or behind the counter only upon request. If your knives are getting a little dull, you can purchase a sharpening block and try to revive the blade yourself or let the professional handle it for you. In addition to whetstones and files, Phoenix Knife House carries a dozen brands of carbon and stainless Japanese blades, chef's jackets, cutting boards, and high-quality kitchen tools like rolling pins and spatulas. Despite our cooking skills being limited to boiling eggs and making boxed rice, we drool every time we see the selection of gorgeous Masahiro carbon steel blades with elegant magnolia-wood handles. Perhaps someday we'll be worthy.
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kol hakavod.....kudos to eytan from the rimons in tel avivyou did us proud

Merle Tolchin
Merle Tolchin

I absolutely agree with your assessment of the Phoenix Knife House. I needed some extra help with trying to determine which knives would best suit my cooking skills and needs. Eytan was patient and extremely knowledgeable. He really cared and chose the best knives for me. A big thumbs up for Eytan and the Phoenix Knife House.