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Best Local Sports Radio Show Phoenix 2010 - Bickley and MJ

The Arizona Republic's Dan Bickley is the best sports columnist in the Valley, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the local scene long has impressed self-described aficionados such as ourselves. But writing is one thing; communicating on the radio during drive-time is another, and Bickley's learned how to pull it off, which is by being himself — a sincere wiseguy who is a better listener than most of the jokers on the airwaves. His partner, Mike Jurecki, brings a font of knowledge about the Arizona Cardinals to the table and sounds to us like the plugged-in dude at the end of the bar who's a little rough on the grammar but comes by it honestly. The rapport between the two middle-aged guys is real and refreshing, even when the subject matter — say, pressing contractual issues involving a little-known interior lineman — is too far inside even for us.
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Randy Koeppen
Randy Koeppen

I completely agree. Because KTAR carries the Suns, Cardinals, and D'backs, I started out tuning in to their talk shows. After listening to Bickley and MJ, two intelligent guys who actually listen to each and their callers with respect, I'll never go back. It is so much more refreshing to listen to two gentlemen who can also talk sports like regular guys. Thehy probably have to try harder because their station isn't the flagship for the top three sports teams, but it certainly doesn't show. They are very relaxed, sound like they genuinely like each other and what they do. Nice guys CAN finish first!


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