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Best Movie Tickets Phoenix 2010 - Valley Movie Group

If you're tired of paying 10 bucks for a cinematic crapshoot, it's time to join Valley Movie Group, a club for film lovers. Don't worry; this isn't the movie version of a book club. You won't be bored by subtitled foreign flicks about umbrellas or highbrow indie shit that makes sense to only three people on the planet. Organizer Jayson Hoffer has managed to attract more than 1,000 members to his group by focusing on blockbusters like When in Rome (for the chick-flick set) and The A-Team (for dudes). What you don't find out until you sign up is that Hoffer has discounted tickets for as little as $5 — and sometimes a few freebies — available on a first-come, first-served basis. Considering there's no cost to join the group, that's one smokin' deal.
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Lisa H
Lisa H

I have been a member of Valley Movie Group for almost 3 years and I love it! We have wonderful members that like to get out to see movies and meet new people. Jayson works so hard to make the events fun and organized. He is always working with companies to get us discounts around the valley. Come join us at

Jayson Hoffer 480-518-0747
Jayson Hoffer 480-518-0747

This is an amazing group. We have over 1320 members. We get discounted tickets to everything or we get some sort of perk everywhere we go. Restaurants give us free appetizers or free soda or a15-20% discount. This would not be possible without having so many members. Remember, if you RSVP yes, please show up. This so cool that we are "Best Of".

I like to promote local businesses, keeping our money here locally. Look at any of our sponsors for even bigger discounts. None of the sponsors pay money, I just want to support local business!