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Best Neighborhood Bar, Central Phoenix Phoenix 2010 - JT's Bar & Grill

JT\'s Bar & Grill

JT's Bar & Grill

4829 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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You don't have to be fan of the Sooner State to love JT's Bar & Grill — but a little affection for Oklahoma certainly helps. There's OU paraphernalia everywhere — and, on one wall, an album cover from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma! But even if you couldn't care less about Okies, we guarantee you'll love JT's, simply because this tiny Arcadia watering hole is a true original. There's classic rock and country on the jukebox, Christmas lights twinkling on the ceiling, and a friendly neighborhood vibe. And did we mention the food? The cook whips up simple pub grub behind the bar, and — like everything about this great little spot — it's surprisingly, unusually good.
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NOt knocking JT's - great place, and I'm a sworn-Sooner-hating Husker. But how the F is this considered Central Phoenix? Anyone?


DUH!!!! Jt's is the best!! I will have the Suicide wings w/ the Works, Double-Dipped! Do it!!


JT's is awesome. Everything and everyone is just a little off, but in a good way. Good food, good service (as long as you don't piss the ladies off), and stiff drinks. No pretension here despite being on the edge of Arcadia; it's first names only and no work talk, and no one gives a shit about your car. Play your cards right and you will get to have a drink with Mr. Personality himself, JT. Glad to see the word is out.