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Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, West Valley Phoenix 2010 - Pepe's Taco Villa

Pepe\'s Taco Villa

Pepe's Taco Villa

2108 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85015


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Oh, Pepe, you know what we like. Amazing chicken enchiladas with deep, dark mole negro, tender pork carnitas, heaping plates of green chile beef with rice and beans, and spicy, filling breakfast dishes (like kicky huevos rancheros) that've never done us wrong. We're especially fans of the unique Taco Monterrey, with dried beef, scrambled eggs, chiles, tomatoes, and onions wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla — that hits the spot no matter what time of day it is (although it always makes us ready for a siesta after we've filled our bellies).
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I have lived in Phoenix for 41 years. I have been eating and enjoying Mexican food all over the valley. I have eaten at Pepes Taco Villa about 3 or 4 in the past few years and each time the food was always way under par. Everyone who raves about their taco Tuesday's sure doesn't know anything about good Tacos. I would rather eat a taco bell taco than eat another small, dry and tasteless taco from Pepes. Tried a red chile burro enchilada style last time and the red chile was like a red gravy with a few strands of shredded beef. Also, the waiter was very pushy and was not very accommodating. If you want to eat good Mexican food in the Phoenix area, try Villa De Los Santos.