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Best New Showcase for Latino Art Phoenix 2010 - Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center/Galeria 147

Art with a political edge is what this town's been needing in the worst possible way, and Phoenix's new Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center/Galeria 147 has been delivering. In a state where Latinos are under the gun, both literally and metaphorically — from the Legislature, in the form of the ethnic studies ban and SB 1070, to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious anti-immigrant sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods — ALAC's providing an outlet for the indignation and outrage of an entire people. ALAC's debut presented works from old hands like painters Ramon Delgadillo and Luis Mena, in addition to new ones, such as muralist Francisco Garcia, whose work depicts the sacrifice, the pride, the victimization, and the beauty of Arizona Latinos. Out of the crucible of oppression often comes the stuff of great art, and ALAC/Galeria 147 seems to be proving that with its very existence.
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Teddi Roop
Teddi Roop

Congratulations to ALAC. I am so very proud that Phoenix has such a wonderful and colorful museum in its mist. I was so impressed with the art work, the readings by authors, books and the wonderful gift shop. I am bringing my family from California in two weeks to visit this wonderful place. Also my congratulations to Erlinda Torres who has helped make this dream come true.


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