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Best Noodles Phoenix 2010 - China Magic Noodle House

China Magic Noodle House

China Magic Noodle House

2015 N. Dobson Road

Chandler, AZ 85224


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The chef here really is a magician, transforming a hunk of dough into made-to-order, hand-pulled noodles with a series of dramatic spins and stretches. Before long, his fingers are laced with fine strands that end up in any number of soups, pan-fried dishes, and other entrées. And the best part (aside from eating them)? It's watching him work his craft from the comfort of the dining room, where a big glass window lets you look right into the kitchen.Prepared in the style of northwestern China's Langzhou region, these noodles come in several varieties, including thin, thick, wide, vegetable, and shaved. We're fond of the spicy beef noodles with XO sauce, but China Magic's lamb noodle soup comes in a close second. Every bite is tender and toothsome — and since eating handmade noodles here, we've become pretty spoiled. Luckily, we have no shortage of hungry friends who'll join us out of sheer curiosity.
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China Magic Noodle House is a tasty, inexpensive, gem of a restaurant. There is a variety of selection of dishes, included vegetarian choices, Boba Tea, and slushie juices. I enjoyed the Vegetable with Egg Noodle Soup, which was prepared and serve very quickly. Chopsticks, soup spoons, and sauces provided on the table!

The biggest unique treat is watching the magic chef weave noodles magically with his fingers through the window to the kitchen!