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Best Old Hipster DJ Phoenix 2010 - Shane Kennedy

Shane Kennedy is crusty. We mean that in the nicest possible way. The fixture of CenPho nightlife and longtime Bikini Lounge DJ is the sort of rough-around-the-edges scenester Phoenix desperately needs. He doesn't wear tight pants, and he had his beard before it was cool, which makes him the sort of old-school, record-store-clerk-type hipster that's quickly disappearing from its natural habitat. Seemingly oblivious to trends, Kennedy is the sort of DJ we could imagine refusing to play a new bride's favorite song at her wedding if he found it just too insufferable to spin. He plays old stuff we love and old stuff we ought to love and will love once he exposes us to it.
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James Bailey
James Bailey

I'm wondering if any of the long time DJs at the local fraternal clubs in South Phoenix were considered for this category. Many have been spinning for over 20 years in one or a couple of locations. For example, "The Music Man", Loudmouth Wallace, has been spinning "hipster" disks of the soul and funk variety in South Phoenix at places like American Veteran's Post 5 (3805 S. 16th St) and other fraternal clubs for over 30 years. There's more get down in the rounds The Music Man has spun than in all of the Valley - and HE STILL can do it, with the modern music mixed with the older.

Plus you can smoke AND drink as a member (or guest of a member) of many of this private veteran's clubs. Crowds usually surpass 200 people on a typical Saturday night.

suzanne falk
suzanne falk

shane is the best but old or a hipster. holy crap. dude.

he's a sentimental bastard with more taste than this town deserves.

now i just need to find out who wrote this so i can shake my cane at them.


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