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Best Old-School Martini Phoenix 2010 - Seamus McCaffrey's

Seamus McCaffrey\'s

Seamus McCaffrey's

18 W. Monroe St.

Phoenix, AZ 85003


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These days, everybody wants to prettify the martini with rose petals or gold flecks or God knows what else. But what the hell is a martini except a way to convey the maximum amount of gin? And that's why we've been increasingly enjoying martinis at bars that would never dream of listing a martini as a house specialty. At an old-school watering hole like downtown's Seamus McCaffrey's, the focus may be on the Scotch, but we guarantee they'll pour you a perfect martini should you order one: icy cold, slightly dirty, and with at least three shots of gin. God bless Seamus McCaffrey.
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