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Best Photo Opportunity Phoenix 2010 - Mr. Fun Booth

Photo booths are always cool, like black T-shirts and motorcycles. They practically invite rebellion, so we give ourselves permission to act up. We contort our bodies with those of our friends and family as we try to get everyone in the frame. In short, we ham it up. So what could be better than a traveling photo booth? Enter Mr. Fun Booth, where you can take as many digital pictures as you like with a nifty remote control inside the 2-by-2-by-6-foot box. Renting Mr. Fun Booth comes with delivery within 50 miles of Central Phoenix, setup and teardown of the booth, three hours of shooting time, and a webpage for viewing and/or purchasing prints. Call 480-588-2778, and have fun.
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I went to Barrett Jackson over the weekend and Mr. Photo Booth was there. SO MUCH FUN! I wish I could post the pictures to show you but definitely go to the site and check them out.

Thanks for the fun memories of the day!