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Best Place to Get Up Close and Personal with the Band Phoenix 2010 - Palo Verde Lounge

Palo Verde Lounge

Palo Verde Lounge

1015 W. Broadway Road

Tempe, AZ 85282


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The beloved PV has long been known by punkers and other scuzz-rock fans as one of the best rocker-friendly drinking dives in the Valley. And when no-BS owner Chuck unplugs the jukebox, pushes the pool table to the back of the tiny bar, sets up a cheap PA, and starts slinging $2 PBRs, the "Dirty Verde" becomes the next best thing to a rock 'n' roll house party. Packed tight and inches away from the band, fans shake along to the music and hold their beers high, while loud-ass amps rattle their bodies and the singer's sweat flies in their faces.
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