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Best Place to Reenact Saturday Night Fever Phoenix 2010 - Disco - CLOSED


4301 N. Civic Center Plaza

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Map & Details>>

It wouldn't surprise us one bit if Saturday Night Fever's Tony Manero somehow strutted his way off the silver screen and into Disco, white suit and all. That's because the proprietors of this dapper danceteria dropped some major bank in re-creating their own version of the legendary illuminated dance floor that John Travolta ambled across with aplomb in the 1977 disco flick. Measuring 10 feet by 20 feet and powered by a rainbow of pressure-sensitive LEDs, it looks as if it were lifted directly from the Odyssey 2001 (the film's fictional NYC discotheque). It's also completely interactive, responding to dance steps with explosions of color. Plus, Disco's DJs are known to throw a few songs by The Bee Gees and The Trammps into the mix between Top 40 tracks. Hope you can remember how to do "The Hustle."
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Umm..yes it is a nice looking club but... The crowd can be a little rough in there. Its definitely a place to go when you are already drunk or a good place to start off before you go to american junkie, since the drinks are so cheap and there is no cover. But ladies beware.. The guys there are ghetto and will grab your a**.


I can't tell you how THRILLED I am to finally have a club in Scottsdale where you can actually hear CONSTANT great music, have great service and have a good time!!! This place is a masterpiece inside and out. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! For those who have not had the opportunity to enjoy this HAVE GOT TO EXPERIENCE IT! See you at DISCO!