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Best Road Bike Ride Phoenix 2010 - Central Phoenix to Scottsdale/Tempe via Oak Street

Crossing freeway interchanges on a bicycle sucks, especially in this expressway-heavy place. However, it's possible to avoid that madness, especially if you want to connect from Central Phoenix to Scottsdale and/or Tempe. The secret is Oak Street, a mostly residential road that, thanks to the awesome pedestrian and bicycle overpass at State Route 51, makes it possible (and super fun) to ride to the two 'burbs. Heading east from Central Phoenix, you can link up with Oak in the Coronado neighborhood before crossing 16th Street and then SR 51. From there, there's a dedicated bike lane on the slightly busier street that links up with the Arizona Canal trail just east of 24th Street. Or you can keep riding, north of Papago Park to 68th Street (which will more or less lead you to Old Town Scottsdale) or all the way to Chaparral Park, which makes it possible to hit up north Scottsdale or Tempe.
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Does anyone know how far north and east the bike path that goes along SR 51 goes? I'm wondering if it follows the 101 after 51 merges with it.

Gene Holmerud
Gene Holmerud

.. The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists at www-dot-cazbike-dot-org-slash-bikeed.

Gene Holmerud
Gene Holmerud

Good choice on route. It has some challenges, but that's what we cover in our Effective Cycling classes. In fact, parts of East Oak are part of the "test" ride for the class. Designed to help both beginners and experienced cyclists, our classes give the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively bicycle in nearly all traffic situations. Instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists provide bicycle and helmet fit, bicycle laws, prediction and prevention of crashes and skills to protect yourself.

Registration is at .


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