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Best Rock Radio Personality Phoenix 2010 - Robin Nash, X 103.9 FM

Robin Nash is not universally beloved by Valley radio listeners — in fact, we've cursed her name a few times ourselves — but with last year's big format change at The Station Formerly Known as The Edge, it's been nice to hear her familiar voice. Yes, she can be a little fan-girlish, but she's also evolved into a true pro over the years. As time has passed, her personality seems more muted, and that's cool with us. We salute the flirty daytime jock for surviving the collapse of the industry around her and for evolving along with it. We like her fairly short between-song banter and the fact that she now keeps a blog. Sure, it's mostly just national music news, but it's still the sort of commitment to expanding her medium that we like to see.
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A few years ago, Robin was voted Phoenix's sexiest voice on radio. She also has a great look and personality. I am a huge fan of Robin Nash...and I know so many other people who feel the same way. Go Robin.

Eileen Nash
Eileen Nash

I have always been so proud of my niece and her natural talent-I am very glad of this formal recognition!