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Best Seafood Phoenix 2010 - Noca



3118 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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The place with the best seafood in town doesn't bill itself as a seafood restaurant at all, but simply as a well-rounded contemporary American fine-dining spot with touches of international flair. No matter. Nobody else in these parts serves seafood from elite purveyor Ingrid Bengis (known for supplying Maine lobster and halibut to luminaries like Thomas Keller). Hungry for a buttery lobster roll? They dedicate every Wednesday at Noca to a gourmet version of the classic coastal nosh. Seafood dishes are usually the stars of the menu, and in the summer, don't be surprised to see king salmon shipped to one of the cooks from her family's Alaska fishery. Noca's always a good catch.
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Sorry, but they 1/2 cook the fish, then heat it up and serve it. It's crap. The chef has no communication with the staff and his menu is boring. The food is inconsistent. You will also get bones in the fish, yes, it happened twice. :)