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Best Sound Guy Phoenix 2010 - Mike Toth - CLOSED

Mike Toth

Mike Toth

7295 E. Stetson Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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The "sound guy" is unquestionably the placekicker of the local music scene. No one — and we mean no one — notices when sound is good for a show, but they'll bitch forever and eternity if it's a little tinny. Ask around about who is super-good at the job, however, and local musicians (who notice these things even if their fans do not) will often point to Mike Toth. Actually, one local musician called Toth "The Messiah of Sound." Toth is the main guy at Martini Ranch, which always has impeccable sound, not only because of the nice, soft acoustics but because of what he does behind the board. He also handled the 2009 McDowell Mountain Music Festival, which stands out as one of the best music-oriented events in the Valley's recent past. So, if sound guys are kickers — ice-cold pros who get the job done in the clutch — it's fair to call Toth the Adam Vinatieri of local music. We're lucky to have him. Here's hoping he doesn't move to Indianapolis.
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Just like to say thanks to all who voted. I never think about trying to be named or recognized, I just do my job to the the best of my ability and hope for the best. It is nice to be noticed though, and again thank you to those that have.

To clear something up, I wasn't near McDowell MT. last year, and I am not the main guy at The Ranch. I get my gigs through the main guy which is Monday through Friday. It's his gig and I graciously accept the work. Saying this because I feel very uncomfortable somebody else giving me credit where credit wasn't due.

Keep rocking and show my your horns!

Mike Toth

Lynn Anzaldua
Lynn Anzaldua

Total Sound Productions is proud to have Mike on our roster of rock stars! Congratulations Mike for being recognized for what you do so well. The local rock scene is blessed, and corporate events have no idea what they are getting when you enter a ballroom. I am so proud of you!


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