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Best Spice Shop Phoenix 2010 - Sahuaro Spice Company

Sahuaro Spice Company

Sahuaro Spice Company

3611 N. 34th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85017


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When it comes to spices, we're all about ingredients — not fancy packaging. That's exactly why Sahuaro Spice Co. is one of our favorite culinary supply destinations, despite its inconvenient location in a shady industrial district in west Phoenix. You won't pay 10 bucks for frilly bows and decorative glass containers here. At Sahuaro, the spices are packaged in bulk plastic bags and sold in one-pound or larger increments. They've got an extensive selection at reasonable prices, from dried culinary spices like cardamom, oregano, and rosemary, at about $3.50 to $11 a pound, to barbecue and pumpkin-pie seasoning blends. With a 70-pound purchase — though we doubt you'll need 70 pounds of any spice, unless you're in the culinary biz — Sahuaro will design a custom spice blend you can name after yourself. Wedding favors, anyone?
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