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Best Strip Mall Phoenix 2010 - Southwest corner of Ash Avenue and University Drive, Tempe

If we were asked to describe a perfect day in Tempe, it would start and probably end in the strip mall at Ash and University. We'd grab a recyclable cup of iced toddy from Cartel Coffee Lab and leisurely sip it while reading through a haul of comics from Ash Avenue Comics. Our eventual hunger pangs would be satiated by a couple of slices from Otto Pizza. Then we'd move on to Buffalo Exchange to try on some funky fashions. Hell, we've got to look good before we end the evening at Casey Moore's Oyster House.
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Recycled cup of iced toddy? Like backwash? Yeah, that sounds appetizing. Otto's sucks. Buffalo rips you off if you go in to "exchange" clothes. Casey Moore's is filled with ASU drop-outs, or ASU lifers (35 and still going to school). Their drinks are over-priced and their crowd under-developed. Probably the best corner in phoenix to sit on the curb and make a buck holding a cup.