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Best TV Journalists Phoenix 2010 - Morgan Loew and Gilbert Zermeno

Sheriff Joe Arpaio must hate Channel 5's news team of reporter Morgan Loew and producer Gilbert Zermeno almost as much as the geriatric gendarme hates New Times. Loew and Zermeno have been all over Joe's ass like scorpions on a bag of bark. In October 2009, they broke ground by getting former U.S. Attorney from New Mexico (and Republican) David Iglesias to say in an interview (after looking at all of the evidence against Joe) that he would seek a federal indictment of the sheriff for abuse of power if Iglesias were in the position to do so. And as if it was meant to be, just a couple of months later, they were the first to report that the sheriff was, indeed, the subject of a federal grand jury investigation. Since then, there's been no stopping them. Who knows whether Arpaio will eventually end up in a pair of his own pink handcuffs before the bar of justice? But one thing's sure — Loew and Zermino will be there to report his downfall if he does.
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It's about time Phoenix had real reporters who don't kiss up to politicians. I've always wondered whether the local tv peeps even went to J-school. Most of what they report is lame. When they do the sporadic so-called "investigation" it's a sad excuse to pose in front of the camera with absolutely ZERO FOLLOW-UP. Morgan Lowe and his coworkers do their homework. They don't sensationalize, but they do ask the follow-up questions that are begging to be asked. Happy to see others agree.


Every station should have a team this good. No, every investigative reporter and producer at every station should be this good. Morgan and Z are Journalists with a capital J. Keep up the good work, guys. It's an honor to watch your stuff.