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Best Vietnamese Restaurant Phoenix 2010 - Da Vang

Da Vang

Da Vang

4538 N. 19th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85015


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It can feel overwhelming to peruse Da Vang's menu for the first time — so many choices, so little time. (Thank goodness it's numbered!) But don't worry, because everything at this humble hole-in-the-wall is just what you're craving if you love authentic Vietnamese eats. Sip on a refreshing da chanh (limeade) or a jolt-inducing ca phe sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk), and enjoy a generous, steaming bowl of pho chock full of sliced beef, brisket, tendon, tripe, and tender rice vermicelli; a hot, seafood-laden crepe (banh xeo); or some tasty barbecued pork fashioned into a baguette sandwich (banh mi). You'll leave well fed for just a few bucks — good incentive to come back frequently.
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Noodles Ranch vs. Da Vang
Noodles Ranch vs. Da Vang

I must disclose that I'm a first time Da Vang-er and a long time Noodles Ranch patron. But I eat out A LOT and appreciate most. Da Vang was is more authentic in preparation and had a greater menu of items. However Noodles Ranch has more flavor, quality ingredients - puts a little kick in it's classing Vietnamese cooking. I vote Noodles Ranch since they only improve on an amazing classing cuisine. NR could add-on a perfectly fried egg to the menu (rice dishes)... any dish actually.


I don't usually like to write negative reviews of small,local businesses, but I honestly don't get why so many people dig this place. I went here once and was thoroughly unimpressed with this outright dirty and unfriendly restaurant. They may have a large menu, but options are VERY limited if you're a vegetarian. I'd recommend Tea Light Cafe or Viet Kitchen over Da Vang any day.